11 Easy Jobs To Get Paid Handsomely With Music On Fiverr in 2022

by Maryam
11 easy jobs to get paid handsomely with music on fiverr

How attractive for music lovers to get paid handsomely with music online? Verily, it would be considered the easiest way to get paid. Professional musicians have been earning a lot with their best performances. However, a fresher can also make it his way of income. In the Fiverr series, it’s my fifth article to educate fresh Fiverr freelancers about their profession.

Music producers promote their music online and get paid with music. So, it’s of great significance to become a music beater, voice-over artist, music composer, or DJ. Then, your chances of becoming successful can be increased in very little time. Let’s explore its subcategories one by one.

1. Voice Over Artists: $100-$350

Voice-over artists are the backbone of the music industry. For the past several decades, their workflow has increased. Thus, their quality of work and salaries have also been increased. That’s why it’s very competitive to earn as a voice-over artist. But, with some basic knowledge and practice, one can earn a good amount as a freelancer. So, Pro sellers charge $100-$350 per job for their voice.

2. Mixing and Mastering Music: $100-$900

Producing beats, music composition, and mixing is an enjoyable task. It becomes more exciting when someone performs it for the sake of money. However, it requires a level of experience. By learning about music mastering, your chances have been doubled of earning $100_$900 remotely.

3. Singers and Vocalists: $100-$250

A beautiful voice is God-gifted. That’s why moneymakers use their voice to get money. There is a huge space for singers and vocalists on the internet. So, their profits have been more attractive. According to deep analysis, Fiverr pro freelancers charge $100-$250 per song.

how much music producer get paid

4. Recording Music by Session Musicians: $100-$400

Fiverr is the best platform to sell music online. That’s why Session musicians choose Fiverr for work. They record their music and sell it online. Major companies are also part of Fiverr. They look for a talented musician and offer a remote job to him/her. Thus, music producers gain $100-$400 per job.

5. Song Lyrics and Jingle Writers: $100-$200

When you’re happy, you enjoy the music but, when you’re sad, you understand the lyrics.

 Frank Ocean

I’ve been working as a creative writer on Fiverr. Therefore, I wrote many song lyrics for my clients. Including me, several freelancers on Fiverr get paid $100 for writing song lyrics. Similarly, jingles are also in demand. Businesses require jingles for the promotion of their products. Therefore, jingle writers obtain $200 for their service.

6. Audio Ads Production: $100-$125

Like audiobooks, audio ads are also a good cause for getting paid handsomely. Freelancers earn $100-$125 per project by producing ads.

7. Music Transcription: $5-$100

Music transcription is notating a piece of music into written music. It starts in the range of $5-$100. If you are familiar with transcription, then you can get paid handsomely with music. The more you are skilled, the more money you’ll get.

musician salary per month

8. Vocal Tuning: $5-$100

Vocal tuning is a broad category. Freelancers retune the music. They maintain the pitch, fix the rhythm, and aline vocal tracks to make them effective. For this service, they start their charges from $5-$100 per task.

9. DJ Mixing: $5-$150

In this category, DJ uses a sequence of musical tracks and mixes them to create one continuous track. It’s different from other music services. But, it’s a popular sort of freelancing on Fiverr. It charges $5-$150 per project.

10. Podcast Editing: $100-$150

Podcast editing isn’t a difficult job for a self. Podcasts are music audiobooks that we find on the internet. Who are familiar with editing services. They can make it their part-time job. Even freshers and students can also apply for podcast editing. Thus, they will get $100-$150 remotely.

11. Dialogue Editing: $5-$50

Dialogue editing is all about editing music files. The servers remove the noise, fix the volume, and make the best file of buyers’ music. And they charge $5-$50 for one-time service.

This article is entirely about the Fiverr music industry. I’ve transcribed all services’ prices after a deep study of Fiverr. The purpose of this article is to educate freshers. So that they might be able to decide the best job for them. And get paid handsomely with music. Give your valuable feedback on this post.

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