How Can I Create an Authentic Seller Account on Fiverr?

by Maryam
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fiverr account sign up

Are you worried about your finance? Do you want to earn online? Do you want to know that “how can I create an authentic seller account on Fiverr?” But you are afraid and confused about how and from where to start? Now kick out your nervousness because we are here to solve your online issues. The first thing you have to do is just read this article carefully. This will help you to earn online spiritually.

How to create a Fiverr account?

To create a seller account on Fiverr authentically you need to start with some strategies. These action plans will help you to rank and start selling in the early days of your career. Though it’s very easy to create an account on Fiverr. And everyone can create it smartly. But newbies want a proper guide on how to create a Fiverr account? Following some tips, you will save yourself from the trouble that start-ups usually face. And will enjoy working on Fiverr. I am going to share some secret tips with you.

Fiverr account sign up:

First, open your chrome browser. Then, go to the search box and type You will see the Fiverr interface there. It is the homepage of Fiverr. Here, you click the join button. Now, be careful while joining as Fiverr shows three following options to join the network.

  1. continue with Facebook.
  2. continue with google.
  3. Enter your e-mail address manually.
Fiverr account sign up

Joining with Facebook isn’t safe. In case of any issue with your Facebook account, you might be uncomfortable. In some critical cases, Sellers lose their Fiverr account. So, either sign up with your Google account or add your e-mail manually. It’s the best way to create a Fiverr account.

After adding your e-mail address next step is to add your user name. I suggest you either add your real name or your niche name. e.g Maryam Creative writer, Maryam Afaf, or Maryam 901, etc. Don’t add a fake name to your account. It may be harmful when you will be a regular seller on Fiverr.


Now, it’s time to protect your account with a strong password. There are three conditions for strong password.

  1. use capital alphabets.
  2. Use small alphabets.
  3. Use numbers.

If you follow all instructions while choosing your password. You will protect your account against inconvenient sources on the internet (Being hacked). Here, I wanna remind you to write your password in your diary. In case of any problem with your account, you may recover it easily.

After completing these steps you have to click the join button and your account is probably ready now. Fiverr usually sends an e-mail to verify your account. After verification, you are a part of the Fiverr team.

Profile Picture:

This is a buyer account. Now go to the top and hit the “become a seller” button. Here, you will see Fiverr’s guidelines for users. Press continue three to four times. Fiverr takes you to your profile. Here you must have to use your real name. There is no other option available. later on, upload a professional picture. Which shows your face clearly. Here is a suggestion for you to avoid uploading selfies or informal pictures. A professional picture grabs the attention of buyers. And increase the chances of getting orders.


Write your description using major keywords related to your niche. Freshers find it difficult to write descriptions. I am sharing some tips to write a catchy description. Open four to five top-rated seller accounts. And read their description carefully. Thus, you will get some ideas to write your own words. It may be harmful to copy others’ descriptions in your profile. So, hit an idea and make a unique description.


It’s the most accurate way to select languages which you can speak. Select the level of language according to your ability. Sellers, who know more languages build their trust in buyers. For example, If a seller is a creative writer and knows the Punjabi language. The buyer who belongs to Punjab prefers him for his Punjabi task.


You have to select your niche and experience. By drilling down you will see more skills according to your niche. You have to select a minimum of two and a maximum of five skills. When you move forward you have to be more specific. Fiverr will ask you to choose those skills which you want to sell online. While choosing your skill you have to explain the level of your expertise. e.g: content writer (expert, or intermediate). It’s a point to be noted that you have to be specific in your niche. seller can’t select multiple tasks of other niches. It leaves a bad impact on the buyer that the seller isn’t an expert in his work.


Then Fiverr will ask about your education. You have to add your last degree and completion year of this degree. Under it, you will see the certificate’s option. If you have any certificate according to your niche. Add it here with the name of the institution and completion year. It would be best for you to add it. It will be helpful for you to win buyer’s trust.


When you go ahead you will see a section about your website. If you own a website that relates to your niche add it here. Now hit the continue button and add your social media accounts. For example, Facebook, Linkedin, etc. By adding these accounts Fiverr considers you as an authentic and trustworthy seller. Click the continue button and verify your contact number. After this step your seller account is ready.

Tips to set up your Fiverr seller account:

  1. Use your real name or niche name.
  2. Use an appropriate tagline, use major keywords regarding your niche.
  3. maintain your online status. Click your profile from the right side of the top bar. Go to settings and check your online status. If you see a green dot on it then it’s okay. But if you find a grey dot then click on “GO ONLINE FOR”.
  4. Add a security question. Now, go to the security option and click on “TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION” Add a security question here. Thus your account will be safe.

The next step is to create a gig on Fiverr to show buyers your selling guts. To read a complete guide about making a gig on Fiverr click here. After the creation of your gig, you have to approve it and start your journey as a freelancer.

Wish you all the best in your freelance career. Kindly give your feedback on this article? If you like it, appreciate it in the comment box. But if you find something missing then feel free to give your suggestions in improving this article.

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