How Graphic Designers Make Money On Fiverr? Deep Researched Article.

by Maryam
how graphic designers make money on fiverr

Companies, businesses, individuals, even everyone on the internet want graphic designers’ services to spread their vision. Thus, it has become a basic need of the IT world. So, graphic designing is the most in-demand vocation these days. Graphic designers make money on Fiverr passively by giving their best.

There is a long track in front of you and you’re confused about your destination. Being unfamiliar with the pricing and scope of graphic designing, you want a guide to pick the right for you? First, you want to learn book designing. But, you are more inspired by catalog designing. Now, you are puzzled about your journey. Stay with me, I’ll describe all sub-categories of graphics and design. Thus, make it easy for you to choose the best for yourself.

Are you a graphic designer? Do you want to be professional? But, you don’t know how to start and from where? Either you’re a student and want to take a complete guide on graphic designing services on Fiverr to select your level of interest for freelancing. In both cases, you’re in the right place. I’m going to open pandora’s box of high in-demand graphic designing services, their purposes, their scope, and their price on Fiverr. I hope after reading this article, you’ll be able to decide your career.

It’s a high in-demand niche on Fiverr. That consists of 46 services (according to stats of 2021, it may be wider in the coming years). It starts from $5 and ends up with no limits. The pro sellers on Fiverr have been earning 200-800 dollars per package in graphic designing service. Let’s explore the list of its subcategories.

1. Graphic Designers Make Money on Fiverr with Logo Design: $300-$400

Logo Designing

A logo is an identity of a brand. Businesses build their identity with the help of experts. Therefore, it’s a high in-demand skill on Fiverr. It’s also an entry-level job in graphic design. In fact, many freelancers start their careers by logo designing. There are 10 styles in which specialists design logos. Proficient logo designers are making $300-$400 per logo. Is it exciting for you to learn this art completely, then make money with it? Of course, yes! You’ll definitely, want to be an expert logo designer on Fiverr.

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2. Brand Style Guides: $200-$1000

Brand Style Guides

It’s more than logo designing. So that a freelancer design different items regarding the brand and sells them to the client. The employer gets Logo design, brand book design, logo usage guidelines, color palette, typography guidelines, iconography, Do’s, and Don’ts. Consequently sellers charge $200-$10,000 per package. Graphic designers make money on Fiverr with this art.

3. Business Cards and Stationery: $500-$1000

Business Cards and Stationery

Here, the simplest skill to sell online from home. Besides business cards, business owners want stationary to build their trust in the market. Accordingly, pro freelancers have been making $500-$1000 for one-time service on Fiverr. If you want to do a freelance graphic designing job from home. Then, it’s a great chance to start with designing business cards and stationery.

4. Illustration: $200-$400


In this sub-categories list, illustration is the fourth skill of graphic designing. If you know, how to create still drawings? Then, you can draw for magazines, advertisements, greeting cards, packaging, newspapers, and books. As a freelancer, by starting a career with this, graphic designers make money on Fiverr. Such as Fiverr offers you to showcase your talent excellently and earn more money.

5. Game Art: $100-$500

Game Art

Graphic Artists make money with an amazing category in the graphic designing list is game art. Sellers draw game characters, props, objects, background, environment, UX, and UI for game developers. As a result, they earn $100-$500 per project. Although, they sell them one by one or in a package too. It’s an amazing thing to do for game lovers which helps them to earn by their hobbies.

6. Catalog Design: $100-$1400

Catalog designing is about object printable presentations of business companies. It’s the most lucrative and less competitive freelance graphic designing job on Fiverr (June 2021 stats). Due to this, sellers have been earning $100-$1400 per project. That’s why to learn this skill, and make money.

7. Resume Design: $5-$30

Resume Designing

A stunning first impression was not the same thing as love at first sight. But surely it was an invitation to consider the matter.

Lois McMaster Bujold

People, who are searching for jobs, want a catchy resume to clutch the boss’s attention. In this list, resume designing is the simplest example of work. If you know a little bit about graphic designing, you can make $5-$30 in your free time by this job. Thus, you might help others by designing winning resumes, and they’ll help you by charging for a little job.

8. Menu Design: $270-$650

Menu Design

When you enter a cafe, restaurant, hotel, or bar, what do you like to see after first? Firstly, you ask for the menu. Secondly, you select items of your choice to eat. Similarly, every food business needs a menu card to show the customers. Hence, who knows how to design a menu has been making $270-$650 on Fiverr.

9. Book Design: $150-$2350

Book Design

As interesting as its price, it’s an example of the most profitable services on Fiverr. Sellers design a cover of a book or complete book. Then, they earn $150-$2350 per project by selling it. Just like them, you could also be the lucky one by learning this freelance job in graphic designing and earn money from it.

10. Graphic Designers Make Money on Fiverr with Interior Designing: $100-$800

Interior Design

I’ve got a piece of good news for architects and interior designers that they can also be a part of the Fiverr team to make a living online. Being familiar with AUTO-CAD, it’s a big deal for you to appear as an architect. First, create renders. Then, add more things to your render. The more you are skilled, the more money you will make.

11. Stream Designing: $5-$20

Stream Designing

Graphic designers have the talent to retain game viewers by making grasping overlays, motes, twitches, panels, thumbnails, banners, badges, and much more related to games. As far as, they start this entry-level graphic designing job from $5-$20. Later, increase their skill and price. So, this is an interesting sub-category of graphic designing to earn money.

12. Pattern Designing: $100-$450

Pattern Design

Pattern designing reveals the replication of design and colors in the motif style. In explanation, it’s an easy freelancing job to do from home. Truly, the scope and pricing in Fiverr for pattern designing are high. Accordingly, professionals earn $100-$450 per project. You may also be a part of this community.

13. Brochure Designing: $100-$800


A brochure is a type of document paper to fold easily. Alternatively, it has been attained in form of a leaflet, template, or pamphlet. Brochure designers earn $100-$800 for this service. Although, graphic designers take it easy to design a brochure than making book cover or resume template.

14. Signage Designing: $5-$70

Signage Design

A collection of symbols and signs to convey a message on a company’s behalf is all about signage in graphic designing. Forthwith, it’s a marvelous job to do. Although, its price is less than other graphic designing categories. Nonetheless, part-time graphic designers make money on Fiverr and earn $5-$70 per package.

15. Album Covers: $180-$1,200

Album Cover

To virtually render your album, you have to design an album cover. It might be a photo album, a music album, or a collection of software. Apparently, cover designing is an example of the most in-demand skill of graphic art. Pro sellers start their work from $180-$1,200 per job. If you can design perceiving covers, then start your career as an album cover designer and be successful.

16. Invitation Designing: $5-$30


Formally, people require invitation cards for inviting others to an event. Inviting someone has become digital now. So, through some software, people make invitation cards, birthday cards, wishing cards, and many other things that refer to the bestowal of their emotions. This service starts from $5-$30 as an entry-level job. Hence, you can make your day by increasing the price and advancing your skills.

17. Graphic Designers Make Money on Fiverr with Cartoons: $100-$800

how graphic designers make money on fiverr

It’s all about drawing everything regarding cartoons. In explanation, it includes cartoon characters, illustrations, portraits, comics, avatars, and cartoon logos. Designers show their talent and make money. Its scope and pricing are high. Once, You start your work from $100. Then, the sky is the limit. The more efficiently you work, the more favorite you’ll be in your field. Fiverr professionals start their work from $800 and end up with no limit.

18. Photoshop Editing: $100-$1,200

Photoshop Editing

Photoshop is the greatest graphic designing tool for professionals. However, juniors also play with it and get paid $5-$100 per job. Trained freelancers start their work at $1,200 per project. Ordinarily, Photoshop is a necessary software for graphic designers. However, in this section, they take an image or video and edit it. For example, the seller takes a regular picture of a buyer and makes it more beautiful on photoshop and charges $100 for it. Thus, graphic designers make money on Fiverr.

19. Industrial Products: $100-$2,000

Industrial Products

Auto-CAD professionals draw industrial products and earn $100 minimum. 2D, 3D drawings, and animations have been designed under this hierarchy. It’s the most in-demand and rich category. You can make $2,000 per project if you know how to draw with auto-CAD. However, if you don’t know about auto-CAD, then your chances of earning have been lessened. But, you still have the opportunity to earn on Fiverr and get paid $5.

20. Storyboards and Comics: $5-$250

One picture is worth a thousand words.

Fred R. Barnard

Storyboards show the whole story behind the picture. How amazing is that to imagine something firmly and draw it on paper. Others also find their vision in your story. Artists select this as a part-time job in graphic designing and earn $5-$250 for their artwork on stories. Are you ready to show your art and make some money? If yes, sign up on Fiverr and start earning. Keep trying and keep growing.


All sub-categories can also convert into remote jobs for graphic designing. Many companies on Fiverr search for an efficient person to do a remote job for them. They assign a professional and pay him/her regularly.

You have a list of 46 categories to work as a freelancer rather than get a remote job on Fiverr. Pick one or more of them. Start working and earn millions of dollars per month. Memorize that professionalism is the key to success. The more you are professional, the more famous you’ll be. Thus, money will be a by-product of your success. So, be professional, and keep growing.

How do you find this article about graphic designing types? Do you like it or want to perceive it better? Let me know your opinion in the comments section. See you in the next article on the topic of digital marketing services on Fiverr.

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