How To Make Money on Fiverr Without Skills? Check these 38 Weird gigs

by Maryam
how to make money on fiverr without skills

Today, in the Fiverr series, I will reveal some weird ways to make money on Fiverr without skills. Regardless, if you are a serious-minded person and believe in learning new skills then, you can check our blog post about low, competitive gigs in the business community on Fiverr.  

We all do work to get some money to solve our financial issues. Also, support our beloved ones with our money. However, making money with a focused mind is tricky for those who do not have a strict sense. That’s problematic for them to earn money. 

But, you have to throw all your worries in the trash bin and join us at our blog about making money on Fiverr. Yet you do not have a seller account on Fiverr. Just sign up for free and be a part of that list of sellers earning their livelihood on Fiverr. Then see our blog post about creating an authentic seller account on Fiverr

1. Birthday wishes with a horse:

Weirdest gigs fiverr

Zeenoon creates Happy Birthday Videos with his horse. Make a deal if you are willing to buy.

Like Zeenoon, you can also start your career as a freelancer on Fiverr if you have horses and enjoy spending time with them. No matter whether you are from the middle east or top-tier countries. If your communication skill is good, you can make money on Fiverr with these Fun gigs Fiverr. Also, you don’t need the experience to start your work. 

When I visited Zeenoon’s gig, I was surprised to see that he sold 20 words for $5. Do you believe that? You can also be a good seller with your hero horse on Fiverr.

2. Birthday wishes with goats:

weird ways to make money on fiverr

Rizwan sings a Happy Birthday song with goats. Hire him for you.

Awww! You don’t have a horse to make birthday videos. Also, you don’t want to learn technical skills. However, you wish to make money without skills on Fiverr. No worries! Just go to your goats and make some crazy videos, then upload them on Fiverr. 

You will notice that buyers have more interest in your goat gig because they want something unique and unusual for their close ones. However, if you are confused about how to start selling on Fiverr, check out this article on our blog. After, create your gig as Rizwan and start selling yourself at $5 with low efforts.

3. Message delivery with Milking Cows:

Unusual gigs Fiverr

Farhan is creating a video message while milking goats. check his profile for placing your order.

Now you think that you lack horses and goats, so how could you start your career on Fiverr? Relax! We have the perfect solution for you. Let’s reveal to us the secret of Fiverr’s strength. So, Fiverr is not only providing people with technical skills as buyers and sellers. Also, it is famous for its unusual gigs Fiverr. 

You have to make videos with your milking goats and sell them to employers. Soon you will notice that people are taking more interest in your gig and willing to hire you as a milkman wisher.

4. Make Videos with Santa Claus:

Ways make money

Santakringle is working on Fiverr as a Santa Claus wisher. Hire him for your next project.

We all love Santa Claus. Especially, our children wait for them on Christmas morning to get some Christmas gifts. Believe me or not, but being a Santa on Fiverr is more beneficial than you think? 

Santa Kringle is a level 2 seller and charges $25 by providing an authentic Santa Claus video to his employers. You can also join Fiverr as a Santa Claus video maker and unplug the Ways to make money for You. 

5. Do funny gaming to make money on Fiverr without skills:

More willing pay

Owais Usman is offering his services as a funny game editor. make a deal with him.

Games are a fun way to relax. However, people add a twist to those games by making them more fun than their original version. What would you feel when you come to know that Robbin hood has a plastic sword to kill his enemies. Furthermore, his companions behave like clowns in a battle. 

And you are a person who has turned the whole game from its serious side to Fun by Fiverr funny videos for your employers. If you are a funny person and an expert in making fun of serious series, do not waste your talent and go on Fiverr to sell your talent as Fiverr is the only platform that provides almost everything to its users.

6. Funny office promotion is effortless among Weirdest Fiverr gigs:

Fun gigs sell

Maria is making funny office promotional videos. Would you like to hire her?

Sometimes, people are stuck with the workload in the office and want their promotion to motivate them. You can add a twist to their lives by creating a funny promotional video like Maria. 

All you need is a creative mind and a healthy environment to make a funny video. This could be for advertising purposes. Also, it could be for making fun of the monotonous office routine. If you are a clown and making people laugh is your preference, then use your talent for weird ways to make money on Fiverr.

7. Be a spokesperson to make money on Fiverr without skills:

Fun gigs fiverr

Castanet is an African level 2 seller, making funny videos with an African spokesperson. Hire him.

Do you have the talent to speak before the public? If yes, then go through these easy gigs to sell on Fiverr. All you need to do is collect a message from your buyer and speak in your words. 

Language doesn’t matter for a spokesperson. You can speak in your local language. However, familiarity with the English language is a plus. Thus, you can make massive money as Ostnet on Fiverr. 

8. Weirdest Fiverr gigsCreate Minions videos:

Love about fiverr

Tablmix is a Minio Video expert on Fiverr. He is charging $5 for a 10 seconds video.

Minions are famous for their silly childhood attitude. People love them, so Minion videos are the easy jobs in Fiverr. Also, the videos are the new trend to convey your message to your close ones.

You can create minion videos as Tablmix does on Fiverr and earn $5- $15 per job. This video-making gig requires no technical skill. That’s why new sellers find it easy to establish their accounts on Fiverr.

9. Youtube gaming videos:

Interesting fiverr gigs

Pumpkins are selling his Youtube gaming videos. Contact him to make a quote.

Listen! If you are a seller, then let me clear that you can also make youtube videos on various games and sell them on your favorite platform, Fiverr. 

Visit your competitors’ profiles and see examples of gigs selling their services as fun generators. Like other video creators, you have to edit some parts of a game and make them more fun. You can make a 10 minutes video and earn $15 for one video.

10. Movie Recapped video:

fiverr earn money

Recapped is selling his services as a movie recapper. You can contact him as a buyer.

Well! You are a movie lover, and then this offer is only for you. Recipe a movie, make a recapped video, and sell that video on Fiverr. Movie recapping falls under those Fiverr gigs that require no skill. 

Recapped is selling his 150 minutes for $20. You can visit his gig to take some ideas as a movie recapper. It will help you create a gig and sell your services to others. You will rock like your competitors once you have learned the gig-making process. 

11. Create a Christmas celebrations video with a Logo Text:

how to earn on fiverr

Cluster puts his employer’s logo texts in Christmas videos. Contact him if you are a buyer.

Though you want to become a seller on Fiverr. Then visit different types of gigs

to learn how to make money without skills on Fiverr? Like cluster, you have to make a Christmas video and add a message from your employer at the end of the video. 

Fiverr is not difficult to work if you have excellent communication skills. Make a deal with the buyer and create a video of $5 within a few minutes. Your first step can take you to the best sellers’ list on Fiverr. So, hurry up! Don’t miss the chance.

12. Edit a video with memes:

how to use fiverr to make money

Lahcen edits his videos with funny songs and memes. Book a buyer order!

Often you see that people turn a serious video into a meme. What did you feel when you saw a meme of your favorite video at first sight? Did you surprise? Of course, you would. Similarly, you can also edit a 1-minute long video for $5.

As much as your employer increases the video’s length, you can improve your payment also. Now break your barrier and start finding the best jobs on Fiverr. Then make a video editing gig with memes, add some portfolio and earn money.

13. Act and dance to make money without skills on Fiverr:

easy fiverr gigs

Funny-ma works as a funny man who acts, dances, talks, and does other funny things. Book a quote as a buyer. 

Indeed, you also have the talent to act, dance, or do something to amuse people. Make a gig and start selling on Fiverr. You can create a video while joking. You can make some funny dance moves also do stand-up comedy before your camera to earn easy money. Fiverr sellers start their $5 gig by 20 words video.

14. Child voice over:

cool Fiverr gigs

Mike is doing a child voice-over to his employers. Get a quote from him.

Intelligent people and business minds never waste their children on wrong activities. They teach them to spend their time in healthy activities. Similarly, you can also teach your children to consume their time in healthy activities.

Fiverr supports child voice-over artists on a large scale. You can record your children’s audio for podcasts, commercials, brief narrations, games, and cartoon voice over for $10. Hurry up! Find voice-over talent in your home and sell in the market.

15. Weirdest Fiverr gigsMap illustration:

fiverr gigs that require no skill

Maria is offering her services as a map illustrator. Get a quote if you are a buyer.

But in the seller’s list, you need to understand the map illustrator’s task. A map illustrator depicts a map more artistically than technical map makers. So, if you are a good illustrator and love to illustrate maps, then choose this map art as your livelihood.

First, go to Fiverr and visit your competitors’ Weirdest gigs Fiverr. Also, you can become Fiverr Pro like Maria and start your gig price from $150 per map. Is it exciting for you? Of course, you are taking it as an exciting money hustle activity. 

16. Voice actors make money without skills on Fiverr:

Fiverr funny videos

Talen is a male voice-over actor with the top-rated badge on Fiverr. Place your order if you are a buyer.

Hey! Have you an iconic voice? Do you believe in yourself as a fantastic voice-over artist? Can you change your vocals according to the situation? If yes, this gig is only for you.

I visited many voice-over artists in various languages on Fiverr. They are doing nothing but getting a massive amount for their voice. Are you surprised? Well! I am telling the truth. Go and watch top sellers’ reviews and charges as voice-over artists. You can also join their team for a $10 video that might contain 50 words or more. Just vail the chance.

17. Drawing a digital caricature is one of the Weirdest gigs Fiverr:

easy ways to make money on fiverr

Extremity draws digital caricatures for his employers. Book your order now!

I was amazed to know that people are selling caricatures on Fiverr. Then I decided to write an article to help people facing unemployment and don’t have any technical skills to deal with.

It’s worth mentioning that as a digital caricature, you can make $20 for one picture. In my opinion, talent is as powerful as skills for earning money online. So you should use your talent to be a part of the Fiverr selling team.

18. Children book illustration is among weird ways to make money on Fiverr :

easiest fiverr gigs

Creative lady draws children’s book illustrations on Fiverr. Get a quote.

Are you passionate about being mentioned in an article or somewhere on the internet for your talent? I am sure you are. That’s why I am ensuring you that being a children’s book illustrator is an excellent way to earn some money. 

As you are agreed with me, illustration is a hobby. You are also fond of illustration. More specifically, you love to illustrate little imaginations for children. They could be mermaids, fairy princesses, Micky mice, or other decent children. Break your barriers and find your ways to earn money with your hobbies.

19. Draw pictures in rubber hose style is one of the weird ways to make money on Fiverr:

Fiverr gigs no experience

Polina is drawing pictures in rubber hose style. Be her buyer.

Are you familiar with rubber hose style and willing to work in this category? Then you must join Fiverr to showcase your talent. In return, you will get a minimum of $20 against a task. 

It is necessary to mention that the most powerful way to earn money is to deplete your talent in healthy activities. If you are not good at some technical skills, your talent should be your wealth. Let’s visit Fiverr for more information.

20. Funny cartoon illustration and Monsters NFT:

best jobs on Fiverr

Dani makes cartoon illustrations and Monsters NFT on Fiverr. Would you like to purchase from them?

Often you see cartoon illustrated commercials on your television screen. How would you feel when your illustration will be on air? Is that amazing to be the best illustrator in your dreams?

Well! You can fill your dreams with colorful cartoons and monster NFT. Just like Deni, you can earn $30 for one project. Spend some time on Fiverr to collect ideas about interesting Fiverr gigs. Later, be the best seller and rock in the market. 

21. Write Comdey to make money on Fiverr without skills:

different types of gigs

Scott fins is a level 2 seller and comedy writer on Fiverr. Get a quote from him.

Do you like to write comedy? Are you a one-line writer? Are you writing roasts, headlines, stand-ups, speeches, and TED Talks? It doesn’t matter whether you are good at all comedy writings or excellent at one of them. The thing that matters is your talent.

Do not waste your talent if you are a good comedy writer. Fiverr allows comedy writers to start their gigs from $50. What are you waiting for? Go and sell your talent.

22. Weirdest Fiverr gigsBootleg Logo parody: 

examples of gigs

Chews is making bootleg logo parody for Fiverr purchasers. Order him as a buyer.

One kind of comedy writer chooses logo parody as their career. They love to lampoon logos for their clients. Thus, they make a minimum of $10 per project.

Further, you can make a t-shirt, mug, and stickers logo. However, you can do better for your clients with some logo designing skills. Check this article for more details about graphic design.

23. Voice over as a Donald duck to make money on fiverr without skills:

Fiverr gigs that require no skill

Tyler serves as a voice-over artist behind a Donald duck. Make a deal with them.

How cute a Donald duck to listen and watch? The public loves Donald duck’s cuteness. That’s how you can sell your talent behind a Donald duck. You need to voice over behind a Donald duck. Afterward, create a Donald duck video and earn $5 on Fiverr.

Under this umbrella, you can act with your duck to record memes, narrations, audiobooks, and dubbing in various tones, like angry, funny, casual, cute, and energetic. Good luck with your first project.

24. Black and white comic cartoon art:

pagal fiverr gigs

Aya is an artist who makes black and white funny cartoons line art. Book a call with them.

Artists can start their careers with their black and white carton art. One black and white cartoon carry a minimum of $5. That means you don’t need expertise for making money on Fiverr. With your simple and basic skills, you can win the race.

Typically, Fiverr sellers create three types of packages on their gig. When I researched this money hustle, I observed that sellers have oversized packages for more pictures. Let’s sell this talent on Fiverr.

25. Make cartoon figures to make money on fiverr without skills:

Mental is drawing unique cartoon figures on Fiverr. Place your order if you are a suitable buyer.

Listen! Are you familiar with Fiverr and want to know how to use Fiverr to make money? At the moment, you should feel lucky because I have a secret about Fiverr that you can use to create cartoon figures and earn $10 per project.

Fiverr allows you to create a gig on one package. On the other hand, it also facilitates its sellers to add three boxes to their gig. Furthermore, you can apply buyers’ requests to get more orders as an artist.

26. Comic drawings:

Misrule is working as a comic drawing artist on Fiverr. Place your order.

Drawing comics is one of the easy Fiverr gigs to make $60 per project. Your client will give you a script, and you have to draw a comic story for them. Hurry up! Avail the chance to be a significant part of the Fiverr seller’s team.

27. Professional Model to make money on fiverr without skills:

Andala is a professional model on Fiverr. Hire her if you wish to work with her.

Are you a beautiful girl? Or you are a handsome guy. Do you want to be a model and shoot a commercial for someone? If yes, then this category is waiting for you. 

Like Andala, you can sell your one pic for $10

28. Weirdest Fiverr gigsDraw mermaid:

Allanter works as a mermaid artist on Fiverr. Get a quote now.

However, if you think about how to earn on Fiverr? Then this art could be a milestone to join Fiverr. With masterpiece drawings of mermaids, you can get $10 per drawing.

29. Write funny blogposts to make money on fiverr without skills:

RL creative is a funny writer on Fiverr. Book a call.

Well! You are a comedy writer interested in adding fun to others’ blogs. Then choose this category for you. I am pretty sure that you would enjoy writing funny blog posts and getting some money. However, if you want to be a professional writer, check our post about writing and translation on Fiverr. 

In this way, you can make $25 for 100 words. You can charge up to $50 per project in case of more terms.

30. Create custom crossword puzzles:

Mariam creates custom crossword puzzles on Fiverr. Hire her as a buyer. 

So you are worried about how to earn on Fiverr. Then stay with me and reveal that creating crossword puzzles is an in-demand art on Fiverr. You can start your earning from a deal of $10.

31. Space messages from Astronauts is one of the Weirdest Fiverr gigs :

Bobcat has an astronaut to deliver messages for people from space. Hire them.

Be ready to convey a message to your space friends. Yes, Fiverr allows people to receive and share notes from space by astronauts. So, if you have an astronaut friend, you should choose this line of work for you.

32. Be a rental friend for two days or more:

Osama is serving as a problem solver and rental friend on Fiverr. Be his friend and pay him.

Like Osama, you can also be a good friend of someone via Fiverr. Some flawed, worried people from European countries look forward to a friend to share their problems. At that moment, you can offer your services as a rental friend and get $5. 

If you are an excellent logo designer, you can create a friendship logo for people as a friendly therapist. 

33. Make special announcements:

Patty Leon is making special announcements on newborn babies’ birth. Book your order.

So you are good at making announcements. Then select this art and funnily make people’s announcements to amuse them. Under this belt, you will receive plenty of opportunities to work with your clients. Typically, your salary could start from $10 per announcement.

34. Throw bottle messages from buyers:

Hiro is a level two seller and throws a message in the sea from his buyers. Get a quote from him.

Suppose you are interested in throwing people’s messages in a bottle. Then this gig is for you. Go with it and make $10 per message. 

35. Draw yellow cartoon characters of people:

Babar Ali draws people’s yellow cartoon characters on Fiverr. Get a quote.

I was amazed when I learned that yellow cartoons that we have seen in childhood have been selling on Fiverr. I think this is great news for artists who are good at making yellow cartoon characters of people.

Don’t be shy if you have this talent inside you. Create a seller account, then make a gig and introduce yourself as an artist with some catchy gig images. Remember that sellers draw a half body and charge $5. However, people are more willing to pay if they like your work.

36. Make pet’s portraits:

Shadow wed Dimples is a level 2 seller and makes pet portraits on Fiverr. Ask them to serve you.

Like other portraits (monsters, children, adults), people love to buy their pet’s paintings. When Fiverr noticed people’s interest in this category, they declared pet portraits a different variety.

Under the belt, the seller makes a pet portrait and takes $10 from the buyer. In my opinion, it is an easy but tricky way among the Fiverr gigs that require no skill. You can be one of the Fiverr super sellers by taking a small step towards freelancing.

37. Monster portraits are one of the Weirdest Fiverr gigs: 

Allcet works as a monster portraits artist on Fiverr. Join him if you are a purchaser.

So readers! Are you good at making portraits? Along with that, you are enjoying monster portraits. Also, you are finding some easy ways to make money on Fiverr, then you have landed at the right place. 

Under this umbrella, a seller makes digital portraits of people from the neck up as monsters. Then buyer charges $25 and leaves positive feedback after approving final delivery. Come on! Go with it and join the seller’s crowd in your favorite market.

38. Deliver a message as a flower man:

Varun works as a flower man and delivers people’s messages by making videos. Contact him as a buyer.

Are you amazed to know how a flower man makes money online? Do you think he has a flower shop and sells his flowers online? Awww! You are not right at this time. 

A flower man makes a video with some flowers and sells them for $10. Yup! You should wonder if you need some artificial flowers to start your work as a flower man or woman. Then open your smartphone’s camera and record up to 50 words for your client. He will pay you with a five-star review in case of excellent work.


  • How can we identify the most accessible Fiverr gigs?

Fiverr offers the opportunity to sell your talent in the form of easy gigs. Let’s break down some categories that allow easy ways to earn money. 

  1. Make videos with your farm animals (horses, cows, goats, etc.).
  2. Draw yellow cartoons of people.
  3. Edit video with memes
  4. Deliver your message as a flower man or woman.
  5. Illustrate maps, people, or cartoons.
  6. Write comedy scripts, blog posts, and articles.
  •  What is love about Fiverr?

Fiverr is the only market that allows people to buy and sell each service they want. Even Fiverr offers its sellers to make cool Fiverr gigs like memes, comedy writing, acting, and much more.

  • Can I make money on Fiverr with zero experience?

Of course, you can make money on Fiverr with zero experience and zero skills. As cool, Fiverr gigs require no experience. Including these gigs:

  1. Make special announcements for people.
  2. Draw pets portraits.
  3. Make monster portraits.
  4. Be someone’s rental friend for 1-2 days.
  5. Create crossword puzzles.
  • Is Fiverr suitable for beginners?

Of course, Fiverr is suitable for beginners as it allows you to sell each type of service, whether those services are technical, non-technical, even funny. You can start your gig with $5 for your talent and skills.

  • What can I sell on Fiverr in 2022?

You can sell everything as you want to sell on Fiverr. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or an experienced. It is not a big deal if you don’t have technical skills. You need a motivated soul to start on Fiverr in 2022. Everything has been sold and purchased on Fiverr for content writing, web development, and even making portraits.

Final Thoughts:

Fiverr is not only the right place for technical and non-technical sellers. Also, it is a dream marketplace for talented people. You have to showcase your talent and earn money on Fiverr.

How do you find this article? Is it helpful for you, or do you want to suggest something more to add to it? Leave your opinion in the comments section. Cheers!

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