How To Start Selling On Fiverr Successfully? A Gig Creation Guide for Beginners

by Maryam

Selling on Fiverr has become the most common task nowadays. Many freelancers start their careers from Fiverr as it is the easiest marketplace for selling your services as a fresher. But many newbies have been confused with that how to start selling on Fiverr successfully?

Here, I’m to write about some amazing tips that may be helpful to start your business on Fiverr without being hesitant. You have to create a seller account on Fiverr. Then make a gig on Fiverr step by step. I’ll guide you on how to create the best gig on Fiverr. So break the legs of fear and start your journey, as one day you will be successful on Fiverr.

How to create professional gig on fiverr?

Are you worried about making the best gig on Fiverr? This isn’t a very difficult task. Many freshers get their job done by some professionals and pay for it. You can do it by yourself after following the guided steps. In this article, I’ll tell you how to create a professional gig on Fiverr? Read it till the end to understand some magic tricks. That may help you to start your freelance career with easy and the best gig ideas for Fiverr.

Keywords research:

The first thing you should do is keywords research. This research starts from Fiverr and ends on Fiverr too. You need not go outside the Fiverr to research keywords for your gig. First, sign in as a buyer and start your research from Fiverr’s search box.

keywords research on Fiverr

Once you search keywords for your gig put them in a word document. There you will make a list of less difficult long-tail keywords. Then you have to highlight and separate all less competitive keywords. You will remake a list of separated keywords and put them in your gig title. You have to stuff them in the title to make an appropriate URL of your gig. Once you have made the URL of your gig you may change them and write in a sensible sentence. The title would be changed after publishing your gig. This will not affect the URL of your website.

SEO Title:

The SEO title is the most important part while making a gig on Fiverr. Choose your SEO title wisely. Here, put all keywords which relate to your gig. This will help people to see your gig in search results. Now, go back to your word document file and bring some catchy keywords to your SEO title. In this way, you can make your gig professional.

Category of your gig:

You will find two sections under this hierarchy. One is main and the other is a sub-category. In the main category, you will select one main niche of your choice (expertise). which may be helpful to Fiverr to identify your niche.

The other one belongs to your main niche. It all depends upon the main category. For example, if sellers choose digital marketing in the main category, then subcategories are according to digital marketing.

Service Type:

Here, the seller becomes more specific about his work. As Fiverr recommends all new sellers create seven gigs about their niche. When the seller is completely aware of the benefits of creating seven gigs at a time. He becomes more specific to grab the buyer’s attention. This is called the creation of a professional gig.

This feature isn’t compulsory but Fiverr recommends it to make a more effective gig for users. It totally depends upon the main and sub-categories of your gig. Fiverr’s automatic functions create a list of services under each category. From where you choose your services.

Gig Metadata:

This amazing feature is available to make you more confident and efficient. There are two sub-categories under this main category.

Industries expertise:

In this category, the seller has the opportunity to explain his expertise by mentioning the industries where he worked previously. He can also refer to those industries where he has been working recently. Thus, users may be inspired by his expertise and feel free to contact him for their job.


This feature is about languages you may speak. It contains more than 64 languages. You have to checkmark all those languages which you may speak. This is more helpful for Asian sellers who can speak English as well as many other languages. This feature comforts the buyer to award his project (according to its worth) to a multi-lingual seller.

Search Tags:

In this section, the seller has to write five tags according to his gig service. Which supports promoting his gig in search results. Here, some tags require the seller to verify his service in form of a Fiverr test. These tags should be small and contain only letters and numbers.

How to make money on Fiverr?

Are you excited that you have completed the first step successfully? Now the most exciting thing is that you are here to make money on Fiverr by adding your price to your gig.

How to start selling on fiverr?

This is the most exciting moment for every fresher when he has a possibility to add price according to his own. But remember one thing that if you are a new seller and don’t know how to work on the internet. Then you must start from $5. It is the starting point of Fiverr. It is also considered as the beauty of Fiverr that majority have not enough budget and they have been searching for a low cost. On the other hand, as I have already explained that it also comforts new sellers to make their place in a digital era.

You have a choice in this feature. Either you may charge at one basic plan or you may divide your service into three packages. Which are basic, standard, and premium.


I recommend you start with $5 as well. Later on, increase your amount according to your service. Thus you start making money on Fiverr.


This is standard package. some people call it silver. you may increase your amount at $10 as a beginner.


In a premium package, you may offer the best of yourself. And you may charge a heavy amount but not enough heavy that buyers may leave your gig. And you may not make proper money as a freelancer.

Note: You have to start from good in the basic package and end up with the best in the premium package. if you start at a low price then your chances of grabbing the attention of users have been doubled.

Extra Services:

You may excite buyers by offering extra services in your gig. For example, extra fast delivery. Thus you may win user’s trust by working more efficiently. It is also beneficial by adding an extra amount to your gig.

How to make your gig rank on fiverr?

Most people ask that how to make a rankable gig on Fiverr. The simple and sweet answer to this question is by explaining your gig creatively. Fiverr never mind keywords stuffing in your gig. If you play by terms then your gig will be ranked easily. After including words in gig title, SEO title, and search tags you have to put keywords again in your description. By using this trick you can easily make your gig rankable on Fiverr.

Before starting the description, take a look at a minimum of five top-rated sellers’ gig descriptions. Highlight the important points and then modify their description in your own words. ( Use word document for this purpose). This will show how creative and intelligent are you.

You have to explain your offered services in detail to inform buyers if you meet their needs. The criteria of this feature are a minimum of 120 and a maximum of 1200 characters. You may avoid keyword stuffing in the description. If you do it Fiverr will guide you through a notification and give some suggestions. you will be able to write according to the terms and conditions of Fiverr.


FAQs have been added by sellers to comfort buyers. Seller added frequently asked questions and their answers. When buyers visit their gig they read FAQs and trust them more about their work. Seller adds the most common questions and their answers. Which builds the buyer’s trust in them.

How to be successful on Fiverr?

To be successful on Fiverr you have to maintain your gig ability proficiently. You have to be more active while making your gig. Once you work hard in creating the best gig on Fiverr. Your journey towards freelancing would be started successfully.


In this element, the seller has to write about his requirements regarding his gig services to be successful on Fiverr. For example, if you are an SEO Expert and you are providing key words research services in your gig. You need clients keywords ideas ‘or their existing web site’s link to start your work stimulatory.

Note: Requirements may be in form of free text, attachments, or multiple choice. it all varies from service to service.

Gig Gallery:

A picture is worth a thousand words”

Fred R. Barnard

Here, a seller has to show his talent in form of pictures, pdf files, and video. You have to add a minimum of one picture to make your gig more beautiful. If you have done previous work you may attach pdf files as your portfolio. Gig video is also available where you may show how fluent are you in your speaking. How confident and knowledgeable are you about your work.

Gig gallery becomes more beautiful when you add a live portfolio of your work. ( For this purpose you have to checkmark the live portfolio’s check box in the gig).

After completing the above steps your gig is ready to publish now. Just click on the publish button and your gig is live now. The last task which you have to do is go to the edit button of your gig and change the gig title. Make the perfect title. That attracts the users.

I have tried to write completely about making a gig on Fiverr step by step. Do you like it? If you want to add something more kindly leave a reply in the comments section.

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