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by Maryam
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Programmers and technologists have been honored and paid liberally in all freelance markets. Therefore, it’s also considered the highest paying hustle on Fiverr. So, as a programming technologist, your chances to grow have been doubled. Moreover, with freelancing, you can get a fixed salary job in freelance markets by employers. But, the majority of freshers find it much difficult to select their job of interest. They follow others and can’t decide their own priorities. Thus, they fall to indulge in many economic as well as freelance obstacles. If you are one of them, don’t worry. I’m here to solve your problems and give you a comprehensive explication of the scope and pricing of programming and technology to make you independent. Stay with me… Let’s know about the main types and their prices.

1. WordPress: $100-$2,900

WordPress is an automatic content management system that makes it easy to build a website without coding languages like HTML5, javascript, python, ruby, and CSS. One of the simplest management systems, WordPress has its own space in freelance marketplaces. It’s comfortable for a person who is unfamiliar with programming skills, learn and earn from WordPress.

Similarly, I was totally unfamiliar with it because I didn’t have an IT background. But, when I’ve started to learn WordPress, I was amazed to see its wide functionality and easy-to-use programs. Being familiar with WordPress can take you to the cliffs of fame. WordPress experts start their work from $100-$2,900 per job. Nevertheless, entry-level WordPress programmers start their rate from $5.

2. Website Programming: $100-$4500

The good news for web programmers, that they can get high salaries from employers per job. They have to join Fiverr to start earning from a low rate. Later on, they may enhance their rates. As usual, Fiverr has been supporting an extensive range of service sellers in programming. Being a programmer, your success chances have been increased by making a website on automatic CMS or build it through coding languages (HTML5, javascript, python, ruby, and CSS). You have a variety of work to handle according to your time zone, price, and concern. Both are high in-demand skills to earn $100-$4,500 per job. Those, who have an IT background, can achieve their financial illusions by website programming.

3. E-Commerce Development: $100-$3,000

The trend and demand for E-commerce stores have been raised extremely throughout this pandemic. When people are unable to go outdoor shopping. Finally, in this transformed world, Ecommerce websites are playing a crucial part in the economy. These websites facilitate people to purchase online. Thus, e-commerce website developers, who develop Shopify or Wix websites, earn more than $100-$3,000 for promoting their client’s website. Because the scope of programming language is powerful. However, entry-level programmers start their rates from $5.

scope and pricing of programming and technology
Ecommerce website

4. Game Development: $100-$4,500

Games are the most important part of our physical as well as mental health. We can’t deny their value. From ancient times, people need games to relax. Before, people played outdoor games and sports to refresh themselves. Presently the world has been changed, plus indoor games have become popular. So, digital game development skills’ requirement has been extended, also their value and cost.

Moreover, game development has become easier with the help of some gaming tools and online gaming ideas. Game development is a high-paying type of programming job nowadays. Game developers earn $100-$4,500 per game. It’s the most exciting moment when you get paid for gaming.

5. Mobile Apps Development: $120-$5,500

In this digital era, where websites have been trending, mobile apps also have their own value. Major websites prefer mobile apps to lead their traffic and comfort the users. Mobile traffic has a huge figure than pc. So, its demand is undeniable. Business websites like Upwork and Fiverr have mobile apps to comfort their users. Thus, a computer programmer’s salary is very high. Similarly, you can offer your services as a mobile app developer. The freelance technologist who develops mobile apps gets $120-$5,500 per app. But, entry-level programmers get $5 to build their portfolio.

6. Chatbot Developer: $100-$300

Instant messages are a zest and need of professionals as well as non-professionals. Under these circumstances, their desire and scope in programming languages also have been increased. What’s app is the greatest example of a chatbot. Like apps, some websites also have the option of chatbots. Instant messages have been sent or received through chatbots. So, they are an important part of any chat app or software. Hence, computer programmers get paid hourly. So, freelancers get $100-$300 for providing their services as chatbot developers. They introduce a chatbot to people or adjust it in a website or app and earn money for this simple and easy job.

computer programming jobs salary
AI Chatbot smart digital customer service application concept. Computer or mobile device application using artificial intelligence chatbot automatic reply online message to help customers instantly.

7. IT Supporting: $5-$120

IT stands for the internet. This service is a type of programming job to support a team or individual with internet problems and flaws. Where the internet makes our lives easier, there some obstacles also have been produced. To solve those dilemmas, we need programmers and technologists. For instance, I’ve created a new blog to educate people about freelancing. Somehow, I find some errors like duplicate content on my website. For fixing those errors, I need a programmer who finds the reason and gives a solution for them. Not only give a solution but fix those problems personally. IT supporters start their earnings as beginner coders from $5 for a little kind of service. However, experts charge $120 per service.

8. Convert Files: $5-$50

Some jobs have been fallen under the technology niche but, they really don’t require an IT background or experience. Converting files is one of the programming jobs, where a freelancer doesn’t need IT expertise.

It’s all about converting files from one software to another. It is the easiest job to earn $5-$50 at once. If you are not a technician or don’t have an IT background, you can do it and earn money easily. Scope and pricing of programming and technology are high that non-technical can also earn money.

9. Web Programming: $100-$4,500

Web programming refers to coders and programmers. Every website has two faces. One is the user’s interface, while the other is the coding face. Search engines index a website’s code. Then, show the user’s interface in search results. Coders and programmers do all coding to arranging a website. These codes have been drafted in programming languages like HTML5, javascript, python, ruby, and CSS. As the scope of programming language has been very high. So, expert programmers start their services from $100- $4,500 on Fiverr.

10. Desktop Applications: $5-$150

All applications that we see and manage on our desktop are a type of programming job. I usually use MS Word to write my documents. MS_word is a well-known and well-used desktop application. The reason for referring is to clear some easy points for freshers. If you are a fresh freelancer and familiar with desktop application production, then you can avail yourself of this chance on Fiverr by offering your services as a desktop application developer to get $5 as a beginner. In some cases, programmers charge $150 for an application. The more you are skilled, the more you earn.

computer programming jobs , career, salary, and education
Desktop applications

11. User Testing: $5-$100

Website owners, app developers, or game developers pay attention to the user experience. They need technicians to test their user’s experience and fix problems. But, the good news is that those who don’t have any IT background can also earn by testing a website, game, or app with some basic understanding and software. It starts from $5-$100 on Fiverr. Here, computer programming hourly salary also matters a lot. But, if you are a beginner, you can start from $5 to build your portfolio.


This is a research-based article on Fiverr. All services have been taken from Fiverr. Their prices are also taken from Fiverr. All skills are about Fiverr pro sellers to motivate beginners so they can compete with them. Remember, those services that have been started from $5 are unavailable in Fiverr pro. So, it’s time to choose your line of work and start earning. Because the scope and pricing of programming and technology are very high. However, beginners can choose their coding career from Fiverr for $5 to create their portfolio.

I’ve been researching these services for a couple of months. All efforts are fruited when a fresher gets basic guidance from my writings. How do you find this article on online earning by programming and technology? Let me know your feedback in the comments section.

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