What Is The Best To Select In Video And Animation Services List As A Freelancer?

by Maryam
Video And Animation Services List

Visual content works as a piece of equipment. We can’t deny its importance. So, there are tremendous jobs available in this category. But, as a fresh freelancer, you are probably worried about the selection of your animation career. Don’t be anxious! I’m here to solve your problem by giving a complete guide on the Video and Animation services list. I’ll also mention Fiverr Pro freelancers‘ rates to give you an idea of your income. Read on…

How much can you charge as an animated freelancer? It’s a second question you ask yourself. And try to get some hints from the internet. Verily, you may find the answers. But, this article gonna be different as it’s a detailed, research-based article. I’ve deeply researched it for one week to give you accurate stats. Stay with me! I’m going to answer all of your questions.

Fiverr has launched 29 services in the Video and Animation niche. I’ll enlist them in the following paragraphs.

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1. Whiteboard And Animated Explainers: $500-$10,000

Animated videos trending up day by day. Thus, the job scale has been increased for this category. Four kinds fall under this main category. Those are 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and isometric. 2D and 3D animation services are on the top of the video and animation services list. Whiteboard animation on Fiverr is also scaling up. Therefore, animators earn highly for their work. They start from $500-$10,000 per 30 seconds video.

2. Video Editing Services: $100-$5,000

Video editing is a good job to earn. If you are familiar with editing tools, then it would be a dream job to work from your home. Like other services on Fiverr, it starts from $5 as well. However, you’ll be amazed to know that Fiverr pro sellers make $100-$5000 per video by editing it accurately. It means money is the by-product of a person’s success. The more skilled a person, the more money he makes.

3. Animated GIFs: $150-$2,000

Animations have a huge impact on viewers. How cute gifs look? They have a good impact on viewers as well as on workers. Viewers watch GIFs and enjoy while workers make GIFs and earn. According to an estimate, animated GIF makers earn $150-$2,000 per frame.

4. Social Media Intros: $220-$1,100 ()

Social media stars hire freelancers to make introductions for their Youtube videos. They get freelancer’s services and pay $220-$1,100 per frame. Freelancers make HD videos with high resolution for them. This is a marvelous job for video editors. That would turn into a freelance remote job.

5. App And Website Previews: $600-1,000

Preview is a complete introductive video to educate the target audience either a website or app would fulfill their intention or not. For this purpose, companies hire freelancers and pay them highly. This type of service would be contractual and one-time service as well. However, Fiverr pro sellers earn $600-$1,000 for previewing an app or website.

6. Live-Action Explainers: $475-$10,000

In the video and animation services, it’s a kind of footage video to explain a product or service. This service starts from $475-$10,000. It’s not very tough to do this type of work from your home. Being a fresher, you can start your service for $5. Later on, increase the price according to your expertise.

7. Character Animation: $125-$5000

Drawing a character is an interesting work to do. And character animation is a high-paying hustle on Fiverr. That’s why freelancers get $125-$5,000 for one serial of animated characters. It’s totally up to them either they want

8. Animation for Kids: $5-$450

Animation for kids is a high in-demand service on Fiverr. Sellers make cartoons, e-Learning videos, games, drawings, and characters for kids. Buyers hire them for the one-time job and sometimes make a contract for better services. Cartoon animation gigs on Fiverr became the most popular. Thus, student freelancers charge $5 while professionals get $450 per service.

Fiverr cartoon animation
Cartoon road rendered in 3D.

9. Lyric And Music Videos: $200-$3,000

“Music is one of the longest standing self prescribed therapy in history.”

– Erin seibert, Music therapist

Music lovers reinforce the importance of the music industry. People who take “music production” as a hobby have been earning massively on Fiver. If you are familiar with lyrics and music production, also have a grip on making videos, then you may earn $200-$3,000 online for your hobby.

10. Write Subtitles And Captions: $5-$50

There are 62 languages to work in this section. Fiverr sellers write subtitles and captions of the given video. They make it attractive for social platforms, including Youtube. Thus, they charge $5-$50 for light work. As a student, you can select this, one from the video and animation services list, to earn online from your home.

11. Rise the Visual Effects: $100-$500

How do you feel when you see your normal picture as a film’s live-action shot? Verily, you are amazed to see it. Assuredly, you can do it by yourself with the help of some software and get $100-$500 for this beautiful work.

12. 3D Product Animation $200-$5,900

3D visualization is the most favorite in today’s life. People enjoy 3D visualization and consider it entertaining and pleasant. Commercialization in 3D animation is the most in-demand service on Fiverr. As a 3D animator, you have the chance to earn $200-$5,900 per project.

13. Slideshows Videos Making: $5-$250

I love slideshow videos. Like me, many other people love this job. It becomes easier to do for non-technical fresh freelancers who don’t have any skills set. By using different software, Fiverr sellers earn $5-$250 for making slideshows videos. It’s an interesting way to start earning on Fiverr as a newbie.

14. Screencasting Videos: $5-$150

Screencasting reveals to cast a screen. It’s the trending service on Fiverr. That’s why freelancers get jobs easily. Your confidence helps you to get this job as a newbie. By making a video through laptop screencasting, you may earn $5-$150 for their service.

15. Game Trailers: $5-$870

Designing a game trailer and sell it as a service is the most profitable service on Fiverr. Make a 30 seconds animated video and get $5-$870 per project. By becoming a professional, one can get this job on a contract basis. Indeed Houston

16. Book Trailers: $5-$130

Like game trailers, book trailing is also a popular service on Fiverr. Fiverr sellers charge $5-$130 per book.

how much do animators make per frame?

17. Real Estate Promos: $5-$200

Real Estate promos have been made to showcase lists and agency commercials of real estate developers. Employers pay $5-$200 per promo.

18. Product Photography: $100-$2,500

Making photos of a product is an easy job to do. The more you are skilled, the more money you get. Fiverr freelancers start their work from $100 for simple product photography, while 3D animators charge 2,500 dollars per project.

19. Logo Animation: $100-$1000

Logo animation is one of the most paying online jobs. Freelancers start their rates from $100-$1000 and increase them with the client’s demands.


This detailed article on the Fiverr video and animation services will help you to choose the task of your choice. I’ve tried my best to cover all subcategories of this niche to make you confident enough to choose your career perfectly. Waiting for your valuable feedback in the comments section.

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