What Kind of Work is Data Entry and How to Earn from Data Entry Jobs online?

by Maryam
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In the Fiverr series, we will acknowledge the highest-paying data entry jobs, their scope, skills, and salaries to be a part of the data entry game.

Data entry is a kind of work in which a person inputs data into the computer. He works with input devices like a keyboard, scanner, voice, and disk to insert all data.

Various industries offer data entry jobs online and highly reward their workers. Including these companies; medical, politicians, Educational institutions, Finance, sales, retailers, etc are at the top of the list.

Businesses pay flexible salaries to data entry freelancers. For this purpose, they hire ideal data specialists from the top markets like Fiverr and Upwork.

Notice: At the end of this article, you will get a list of top industries that prefer freelancers for their data entry work. The list will be a milestone in finding online data entry jobs from your home.

Let’s move to Fiverr and perceive the highest data entry salary there. Here, I have an estimated earning of data entry specialists on Fiverr. According to 2021 stats, a data visualizer makes a minimum of  $800 for a job. However, freshers start their careers with a $5 agreement as usual.

Well, we agreed that joblessness is stressful. But you can overcome your anxiety by reading this post. You can find high-paying data entry jobs to work from your home under your schedule.

Helping Guide:

Your education is the first step to choosing your data entry career. If we talk about data entry jobs, then your master’s degree will help you find attractive data entry jobs. However, with a bachelor’s degree, you are still on the way to finding better data entry jobs.

Regardless, you do not have your studies background in data entry, you can still work with some basic typing skills. A little bit of knowledge of MS Excel is a plus.

But beware of online frauds. Always work in authentic marketplaces. Because these markets save your back and reduce the chances of online scams.

Data Entry Skills:

Under this umbrella, from simple data entry jobs to complicated data analytics, it’s an exciting way to help yourself and others.

Let me clarify that data entry skills are divided into basic data entry jobs that require no particular skills, and freelancers are earning well from them. On the other hand, high-paying skills consist of data analysis, data processing, and data visualizing. For proceeding with them you need to be skilled.

5. Data Entry: $5-$60

The most simple and easy work that requires no skills for earning. With a bit of Microsoft Office knowledge, you can get projects in the range of $5-$60. 

Data entry is all about making a record from different sources like audio, and handwritten work into the company’s computer for managing and processing. With a bit understanding of Microsoft office, you can get projects in the range of $5-$60.

Data entry is all about making a record from different sources like audio, images, and handwritten work into the company’s computer for managing and processing.

2. Data Analysis: $100-$300

Data analytics is a process to analyze data and make it useful for others. It falls under the highest-paying data entry jobs on Fiverr.

Skilled people use their skills for analyzing data and charge more than $300 per project as this is a bit tough for beginners to analyze data without proper skills and training. However, skilled freelancers get hired quickly and start their charges from $100-$300.

Luckily, programmers are not out of the game. Also, they have opportunities to get hired for remote data entry jobs.

3. Data Processing: $100-$200

Data processor collects data to produce more meaningful information. This is a subset of information processing and precise changes in data from a data processor.

Thus, a databases specialist works with documents, spreadsheets, databases, and other information, provided by the employer to chart the company’s activities.

Fiverr pro sellers start their data processing work from $100 for a project. Yet this job excites you, and you’re skilled enough. Then you can also begin earning on Fiverr from $100-$200.

4. Data Visualizing: $100-$800

The infographic form of data is called data visualization. A data manager arranges all data and makes a presentation to comfort the audience.

Data visualization is all about the portrayals of collecting data. It will be a diagram or a simple presentation. $100-$800 is the starting salary of freelancers on Fiverr.

1. Database Services: $5-$300

Database services are all about arranging a company’s data and making it easy to access for others.

An educational institution records students’ contact numbers and guardian names in a list and feeds all stats into the admin’s computer.

Now, other staff members are comfortable taking access to that data for school purposes. Thus, with a bit of typing knowledge, a person can activate the database and get $5-$300 according to the project’s worth.

Industries That Hire Data Entry Freelancers:

Businesses find it easy to hire freelancers instead of permanent employers. So that they may focus on their sales than the employees. Where freelance markets are saturated, you have another path to join these industries. As a freelancer, you may find your ideal data entry job in the mentioned industries.

Health and Medical:

Medical practitioners rely on data to improve their services. They outsource their data work to freelancers to save their expenses and improve their medical services. They also use reference data for patients, diagnoses, and laboratories.


The most common use of data entry work is in the education industry. An institution hires a clerk to make records of staff salaries, students’ charges, administration costs, and more.

Many educational institutions hire freelance administrators during this pandemic to save their costs and get quality work.

Sales and Retailers:

The eCommerce business has become a significant source of online shopping. Where customers are unable to do physical shopping, online sales and retailers solve this problem beautifully.

Now, the eCommerce industry has become a game-changer in the world. Thus, their need has been increased to hire freelance data entry specialists for their record maintenance and cost estimation.

Government and Politics:

Politicians need data entry specialists to maintain their data. They keep their finances on the record with the help of freelance data experts.

Construction charges, employees’ salaries, education budget, military expenses, and more require a data specialist.

Accounting and Finance:

Money matters. It’s a proven phrase that means money is a crucial thing not only for businesses but also for individuals.

And managing finances is good if you have enough accounting skills. The majority of companies hire freelancers to oversee their finances. And it’s trendy nowadays. Plus, data experts are a call away from contriving their finances properly.


Data Entry jobs can become your cup of tea with less effort. If you are interested enough to start your career with zero experience then choosing the data entry path will not make you regret it.

Once you start hands-on practice, your skills will take you to the next level of your career over a period of time.

So guys, what are you waiting for? Go and bid on freelance projects on Fiverr.

If you want to make a pro seller account on Fiverr then check our guide here.

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