Where Do You Find Attractive Thumbnails for Your Fiverr Gig? Expert Tips

by Maryam
From where do you find thumbnails for your fiverr gig?

Congratulations! You have successfully created a seller account on Fiverr. Now, You are on the way to gig creation. It’s time to create a Fiverr gig image. But, you don’t know from where do you find attractive thumbnails for your Fiverr gig? That image may take you to the heights of glory. An expert is going to acknowledge you. Read this article till the end and follow the given tips.

Fiverr Gig picture rules:

Fiverr prohibits:

Fiverr has introduced some rules for the creation of gig photos. I am here to share them with you guys. It may be helpful for you to work by rules. In case of violation of Fiverr terms and conditions. A gig would be permanently suspended from Fiverr. Because Fiverr provides quality in any condition.

  • Fiverr disallows overuse of text in your gig image.
  • Don’t use copied images by other sellers. It’s prohibited by Fiverr.
  • Don’t use clickbait images. Clickbait images mean you are trying to force users to click your gig image. It may enhance your clicks on the gig but Fiverr would remove your gig permanently.
FIverr thumbnail
Clickbait image
  • Avoid usage of irrelevant images. Buyers will never click your gig by seeing the irrelevant images. Always use perfectly related images to your gig.
  • Avoid using badges on your gig image. it doesn’t matter either you are a level one, level two, or top-rated seller. Fiverr never allows you to add badges to your gig image.

Fiverr allows:

  • Always pick the right colors for your gig image. Use a catchy color scheme to grab buyers’ attention. If you are unfamiliar with the color scheme then use simple images.

Important points to cover a gig Image:

I am sharing three important points to generate a catchy fiverr gig photo.

The results: Use a text which shows the results that the customer wants. For example, a content writer can write 1000 words article about Journalism. He/ she adds results to comfort buyers that he/she is an excellent seller.

Time duration to complete work: By adding time duration in your gig image you may attract more buyers.

Common objections related to the services:

fiver work

Methods to create a catchy image:

  1. Only text
  2. Only text and real picture of yours
  3. Use text, your picture, and work samples
  4. illustrations

Only text

You can create a photo with a text only.

fiverr gig

Only text and real picture of yours

you can use your picture with text for the better experience.

Fiverr gig images

Use text, your picture, and work samples

Use your work sample along with text, and picture.

fiverr thumbnail free
create Fiverr gig thumbnail sample


You can add an illustration sample picture to your gig.

fiverr images

The best Fiverr gig thumbnail attracts buyers. Buyers click on the gig by seeing its image. If they find it according to their requirements they place an order. On the other hand, a seller knows how to design a Fiverr gig thumbnail. He can sell it as a service and earn money.

A Fiverr gig needs JPEG, JPG, PNG formatted images. A seller can upload three images maximum. For a better experience, the seller must use PDF format, gig video, and gig audios. Gig video plays an important role in selling. According to Fiver stats, your gig video increases your sales by 200%.

Fiverr gig image size maximum in 2021:

Newbies ask a question that how much should be Fiverr gig image size maximum in 2021? The simple and sweet answer is maximumly 550 x 370. It means the width of your gig photo should be 550. While height should be 370. This is the actual size which Fiverr recommends in terms of services.

Where do you find the attractive thumbnails for your Fiverr gig?

It is not very difficult to create a thumbnail for the Fiverr gig. There are a lot of tools available online to make your image thumbnail professionally. Fiverr also provides gig thumbnail services. I am going to share a list of some online tools. This may help you to design catchy and high-quality thumbnail for the Fiverr gig.


If you are willing to design a catchy and high-quality thumbnail by yourself you can use Canva. It is the best platform to create a gig thumbnail. It comforts users by providing templates to create images. A non-professional person can use it freely and smoothly.

For creating a Fiverr gig thumbnail design just go to Canva. Sign up for free there. After signing up you will see the user interface. Canva provides templates for all online images and thumbnails. Once you sign up you will be amazed, how widely it has been providing its services.

fiverr gig size
The Canva’s interface.

You can create a Fiverr gig thumbnail design by yourself. Hit the custom size button at the top right corner. Give Fiverr’s thumbnail size and click the create new design button. Usually Fiverr allows 550 wide and 370 large thumbnails in 2021. Fiverr disallow large-size images for a better user experience.

fiverr gig image size

After giving dimensions, Canva may take you to a pattern to design a catchy and high-quality thumbnail. Here, you can see the sidebar tool. This sidebar helps you to put templates, text, colors, and photos to make an attractive Fiverr thumbnail design. The user applies different themes in this pattern and creates the desired thumbnail.

Once you make a model of your thumbnail you have to download it. For this purpose go to the right corner and click the download button. This thumbnail model is in PNG format. It is ready to use as your thumbnail template.

You can also use the images collecting by other software. Then upload them to Canva. It will help you to modify the existing image. Sellers usually collect pictures from other softwares. Then upload here to create a gig image quickly and easily.


Pexels is one of the most commonly used websites for creating thumbnail models. It provides images as well as videos for thumbnails. Go to its search bar and type keywords according to your niche. for example, I am trying to make an article writing thumbnail. I will type article writing on Pexels and hit the search button.

how to create fiverr thumbnail
Pexel interfacce

Pexels shows results on images as well as videos. If you know how to edit a video then you can free download a video and edit it. Then use it as your video thumbnail.

You can search by image also. Upload an existing image to this online image-maker for free. Click the search button and you will get the results according to you. This feature has made Pexels the best online image-maker.

This is fast software. Which shows results quickly. Its images are free of cost and copyrighted to use. As Fiverr doesn’t allow other’s images to use. So, this thumbnail maker is one of the best tools to collect images.


Another free online image maker. It works like Pexels. Go to the search button and type keywords of your thumbnail. Then click the button. This tool will show you all relevant images in search results.

It facilitates a user to search by image. A user also searches by typing image keywords. This thumbnail maker provides images of your choice. You have to choose an image and download it for free. It’s up to you either to use this image as it is or to modify it according to your niche.

Sometimes you find the actual thumbnail and use it for free. But sometimes your niche demands a high-quality thumbnail. For this purpose, you have to use this sample to make an original image.

FIverr Thumbnail templates

This tool helps a user by its illustrating feature. It also shows vector results. It shows a minimum of 1000 images in search results.


One of the biggest photo collection websites. It introduces the main categories on its top bar. By clicking any category, the user sees all images related to his/her niche. Despite this, it also facilitates the user by providing a search bar. Type keywords of your choice. Then hit the search button. you will find thousands of images of your choice.

As pixels and Pixabay, it also facilitates users searching by image. You can use its images everywhere on Fiverr.

This was a list of the best tools to collect thumbnails. You can use their images as thumbnails everywhere on Fiverr. These images will help you to generate sales on Fiverr.

Remember one thing, just add keywords in your thumbnails everywhere. When you are about to download your final gig image, video, or pdf. Make sure that you have added keywords to it. If you didn’t remember to do it. Then there is another solution for this gig thumbnail group. Go to your gig gallery on your PC. Select one image of this group and rename it. While renaming, put the main keywords of your gig in it. Then click the save button.

When you use keys, they become your helpers while searching on Fiverr. The more keys you add, the more traffic you gain. More traffic means more sales and finally, more sales mean more money. Just be careful while creating gig thumbnails. Either these are in form of images, videos, or pdfs. It’s up to you, how will you make your own templates helpful for you in generating sales.

Which Fiverr gig thumbnail type is available offline?

If you want to make a thumbnail offline. Then you can use your windows paint tool. It is used to make simple thumbnails offline. You can crop an image. You can also draw your own image. Artists can use it properly. But non-professionals may take some help to adjust screenshots as well as their picture’s size. A simple paint tool helps in creating simple images or cropping existing images for non-professionals.

How much does a thumbnail cost?

If you don’t want to make a Fiverr gig photo, You can purchase it. Many professionals on Fiverr are offering their services for just $5. There are many Fiverr gig photo generators available on the internet. They also start their services from $5. They are professionals who use online gig maker software. They use gig generators and make professional gig images. Which attracts more buyers.

That’s all folks. Hopefully, we have justified this topic. Now, you are acknowledged about finding the attractive thumbnails for your Fiverr gig? If you like this article, kindly comment. Your positive feedback will increase our energies. But if you find any deficiency, please let us know. We will work on it and make it better.

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