Which Freelance Writing Job Is The Most Beneficial For You To Make More Money?

by Maryam
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Which freelance writing job is the best for you to make more money on Fiverr? As a fresher, this question must be the reason for your anxiety. No worries! I’m here to relieve your anxiety by providing a complete guide on Fiverr writing services. I’ll also discuss their prices and scope.

The third article on Fiverr services will be the most beneficial for choosing your career as a writer, editor, or translator. Like other freelance services, its scope and pricing are also very high. If you are fresher and raw. Then, you can also make money online by creating a writing gig on Fiverr. Similar to professional writers, you may also be part of this amazing hub.

Writing and Translation is a broad niche to work on Fiverr. The people, who find it difficult to learn technical skills but want to grow online, this industry helps them to make money online. Let’s have a detailed look at its subcategories.

1. Writing Articles And Blog Posts: $75-$1,250

The most exciting thing about the articles and blog posts category is that it’s a multilingual sector. A person, who finds it tough to write in English, can write in his/her first language and earn $5-$20 per 1000 words. Urdu, Hindi, Arabic, Dutch, and Punjabi; any language you can choose to work from your home to get money. However, English natives have been earning $75 per 500 words and $1,250 per 2500 words. Thus, by practicing, you can also be part of the pro writing hub on Fiverr.

2. Translation, Proofreading, and Editing: $70-$400

If you are familiar with more than one language. Then it’s a perfect time to offer your services as a translator, editor, or proofreader. English, Deutsche, Español, Français, Portuguese, Italiano, Nederland are the greatest languages on Fiverr. But, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi have also been considered influential languages for translation or proofreading. Pro sellers start their services from $70-$400 per 1000 words. It sounds amazing! You can also be one of them.

3. Freelance Website Content Writing Job: $75-$500

Like articles and blog posts, website content writing is also an in-demand service on Fiverr. One, who knows how to write website content, has been charging massively. Students have been benefiting from this writing job on Fiverr as well. Housewives are part of the freelance writing and translation hub and work from their homes. They have been changing their lifestyles. Fiverr pro sellers charge a minimum of $75 for 300 words. If the client requires more, they charge more than $500 per project.

4. Book And E-book Writing: $70-$9,990

 Book reading is always a favorite hobby of readers. So, we never deny its importance. Therefore, the authors and writers charge $70-$9,990 for one ebook or book. They, who are fond of writing and are skilled enough in books and ebooks writing, can avail themselves of this chance to earn a huge amount. 

5. Brand Voice And Tone: $100-$895

Brands claim about their brand’s quality and comfortability. They offer a job to writers. Writers have to write the voice and tone for their brand. They write a brand’s voice in tone and earn $100-$895. The more they are skilled, the more money they earn for their job.

6. Cover Letters, LinkedIn Profiles, and Resume Writing: $100-$795


People, who are looking for other jobs but are unable to make cover letters professionally. For this purpose, they want the best writing and editing services from Fiverr freelancers. Writing cover letters, making Linkedin profiles, and arranging resumes are the most beneficial skills online. Skilled freelancers have been earning $100-$795 per project. Making and editing resumes is a high-paying hustle in this core. By making a LinkedIn profile, sellers earn $350 per service. Similarly, by writing cover letters for job seekers, one can earn $300 per job.

7. Freelance Technical Writing Job: $175-$420

In this epoch of technology, where people have been inventing new stuff. Demand for technical writers has been increased. Now, it is considered one of the most beneficial skills on Fiverr. Businesses want technical writers to draft their new technology. So, if you are a technical person and looking for a writing or editing job. Then it’s a great chance to start your career as a technical writer.

8. White Paper Writing: $250-$889

White paper writing is all about writing a problem and its solution. White paper writers find a specific problem and pen down it with its solution. Thus, they charge $250-$889 per project. Problem solvers can avail this job easily by putting some effort into this job. You may also be one of them who get a high amount for their service.

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9. Freelance Creative Writing Job: $160-$10,000

Creativity can take you to the heights of glory. With a creative mind and writing ability, you can make more and more money. Creative writers have easily been earning $160-$10,000 per project. It’s a huge amount to get as a freelancer. Letters, poetry, games, song lyrics, and novel writing are some examples of creative writing. As a fresh creative writer, you may choose any field of work for writing and editing and start earning from $5. Over a period of time, increase your rates and get paid as a skilled creative writer.

10. Case Studies a Freelance Writing Job: $100-$500

A case study is a thesis based on research about a particular person, group, or situation. If you are interested in writing or editing case studies, you may earn $100-$500 per job. Thus, it would be a dream job for students as creative writers. Hence, beginners start their charges from $5 to build their portfolio.

11. Social Media Copy Writing: $100-$385

Social media is the biggest medium to connect with people. The more you are active on social media, the more you connect to others. You can make it a weapon of your income. Either you are a fresher or experienced. In both cases, social media writing is a way of good earning. Fiverr pro sellers start their services from $100-$385 per project. They manage social media accounts and assist companies as their remote employees.

12. Sales Copy Writing: $100-$1,250

Sales guide for customers is a high-paying service on Fiverr. It’s about a product review. Because E-commerce store’s sale copies help them to increase their sales. In parallel, sales copy enables customers to decide their intention. consequently, Professional writers get $100-$1,250 per writing. But, beginners can also join this line of work for $5.

13. Freelance Writing Job as a Press Writer: $100-$395

Writing content for newspapers and news channels is the highest in-demand and rich service. Press releases reveal the news, journals, and reports of a specific person or organization. Therefore, in the writing industry, its price and scope are high. Accordingly, news channels and newspapers pay $100-$395 per project to Fiverr pro sellers.

14. Write Product Descriptions: $70-$350

Usually, people are unfamiliar with new products in the market. For their information, they search on the internet before buying a product. Product descriptions help them to know the pros and cons of their desired product. So, writing a Product description is the easiest service to work on Fiverr. Plus it helps in getting $70-$350 per project.

15. Script-writing: $90-$16,000

Scriptwriting is an interesting and beneficial job. Youtube scripts, screenplays, cold calls, audio ads, webinars, and consultation scripts are examples of scriptwriting. Good writers earn $90-$16,000. Similarly, manuscript editors also have been earning millions of dollars for this great job. Their earning formula is, the more you are skilled, the more you earn.

16. Freelance Email Copy Writing Job: $100-$2,000

Email Marketing is a common thing these days. Every business updates its community via email. In these circumstances, email writing plays a vital role in marketing. Furthermore, it’s a great source of income for beginners as well as professionals. Pro sellers on Fiverr are getting $100-$2000 per job.

17. Speech-writing: $100-$395

If you belong to a literature background, speech writing would be a dream job for you. It doesn’t matter either you are a fresh freelancer or a seasoned one. Your communication skill matters a lot to convince the buyers. People find speechwriters according to their topic and pay $100-$395 per speech.

18. Business Names & Slogans: $125-$890

Businesses find it difficult to write taglines and slogans for their business. So, it has become challenging to write a unique and grabbing tagline.  People have been serving as business names and slogans writers on Fiverr. They earn $125-$890 per project.

19. Beta Reading: $115-$800

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Beta-reader tests an unreleased writing task. He/ she writes feedback to the author like an average person and provides an opinion as a reader.  Professional beta readers earn $115-$800 per job. If they can earn, why can’t you?

20. Freelance Grant Writing Job: $5-$995

Grant proposals have been written to solve financial issues of non-profit organizations, corporations, foundations, or trusts. Grants have been written for the seek of charity from charity givers or government. By writing eye-catchy grant proposals, a freelancer can earn $5-$995 per application.

21. Transcript Services: $ 5-$45

In transcription service, the seller converts an audio file into a text document. Being familiar with Fiverr selling terms, it would be your easiest job to earn $5-$45 for nothing except a file conversion. Even if you are totally inexperienced, this writing and translation category helps you to earn money.

22. Freelance Legal Writing Job: $5-$475

Legal writing involves a balanced analysis of a legal issue. Fiverr sellers write a privacy policy, GDPR, disclaimer, refund policy, terms, and conditions of a website for $5. However, lawyers work as part-time sellers and earn $475 for drafting contracts, legal documents, forms, legal letters, amendments, and memoranda.

23. Research And Summaries: $267-$895

There is no service that you can’t sell on Fiverr. Research on any topic, write a summary, and get $267-$895 per project. It’s a big deal for researchers to earn money by working on hourly projects.


This was a complete guide about writing, editing, and translation services on Fiverr. People who are students, freshers, or totally inexperienced have been making money on Fiverr. But, remember one thing, the most important skill to become a successful freelancer is the only communication skill. Those who are excellent in their communication are successful freelancers.

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