Why Freelancers Have To Become Digital Marketing Expert?

by Maryam
why freelancers have to become digital marketing expert?

Marketing is the fuel for businesses. They generate sales with it. In this epoch of the internet, digital marketing has become one of the most paying jobs. That’s why becoming a digital marketing expert is quite profitable. However, juniors also have been earning well from this high-paying hustle. Along with that, they have been trying to learn it intensely to secure their future economics. Let’s, have a great look at jobs in Digital Marketing.

1. Social Media Marketing Expert (SMM): $100-$5995

Social media is the biggest engaging medium nowadays. So, social media managers change this engagement into their earning tool. Social media freelancers provide their services and make $100-$5995. Likewise, you can make money online by discovering this wondrous profession. As a fresher, start your income from $5, then enhance it. Change your social media presence into earning equipment and raise your rate as a manager.

2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): $100-$1895

One of my favorite skills is the Search Engine Optimization.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business 

Bill Gates

Search Engine Optimization is all about the rankings of Search Engines. Website owners want their websites to rank high on search Engines. Consequently, they may generate more sales. Similarly, YouTubers strive for their rankings on youtube. Thus, the SEO scope is high. One, who knows SEO strategies for a website, or the YOUTUBE channel has been earning as he wants. The future of SEO seems very bright. By learning this lucrative skill, you can make $100-$1895 per project.

3. Search Engine Marketing Expert (SEM): $100-$1575

Search Engine Marketers start an ad campaign for businesses to make them publicly visible. For this purpose, they make some strategies to get their job done. They work from home in their comfort zone and get paid. Digital marketing Pro sellers start their charges from $100 for SEM services. Over a period of time, they extend their salary up to $1575 per job. Fiverr digital marketing freelancers’ pay scale has been increased with their skills.

4. Email Marketing Specialist: $100-$8,900

An interesting, high-paying digital marketing service is E-mail marketing. Peter bro beck, Fiverr pro seller, claims 20-100 interested customers per month, has been charging $8,900 per project. I was amazed to see his profile. He is an intelligent seller who knows how to grab the attention of buyers for millions of dollars job. If he does, why don’t you? You can also be a favorite one by your passionate work and excellent communication. As other pro sellers, start your work for $100. Later, charge more by becoming more expert.

5: Digital Marketing Expert as a Book and E-book Marketer: $5-$55

Writers look for marketers to promote their books and e-books. Therefore, as a book or e-book marketer, a freelancer gets paid decently. This is a less competitive category with 219 services only (stats of May 2021). Although, it has not been included in pro services yet. However, a seller can easily start his career by $5-$55. It’s a great chance for you to appear as a new seller in this field.

Freelance digital marketing

6. Web Analytics Provider: $195-$250

For their physical health, people visit a doctor regularly. Likewise, for a website’s health, people hire a web analytics provider. He is the one who diagnoses a website and fixes the issues by himself. This category has two types of workers. One type belongs to freshers, who analyze a website, find the issue and start their salary from $5. The other type belongs to professionals, who find the issue, make a solution for it. Then, get $195-$250.

7. Digital Marketing Specialist as a Mobile App Marketer: $450-$2200

Like search engine marketing, this service reveals mobile app marketing. A mobile app marketer executes ad campaigns to locate an app on the play store. So, the scope and pricing for this hustle are high. Fiverr pro sellers have been earning $450-$2200 per job. However, start-ups also make a lot of money by starting at $5. Is it exciting for you? If yes, start your work with this profitable niche and make progress.

8. Music Promotion specialist: $5-$70

New musicians want to promote their music to a huge audience for becoming famous. For this purpose, they hire freelancers with exciting packages. Trained promoters start their service from $220. It’s a less competitive niche with 1,116 services (stats of May 2021). You can be a part of the Fiverr freelance platform by choosing this line of work. It’s a part-time, interesting job that makes $5-$220 for you within a while.

9. Crowdfunding Specialist: $5-$250

Many non-profit organizations hire Fiverr freelancers to start campaigns for their volunteer work. Fiverr crowdfunding specialists attain real wealth supporters from the existing campaign and charge $5-$250 for their freelance service. If your communication is excellent, you can convince others and raise funding for volunteers. Consequently, it would be the most profitable job for you. You can achieve these goals by delivering your best. Thus, money will be a by-product of your success.

10. E-commerce Marketing Specialist: $100-$1495

During this pandemic, physical shopping is quite difficult because of lock-down. In these circumstances, E-commerce stores are playing an important part in online shopping. People can buy anything, from anywhere in the world, through these stores. But, a large number of E-commerce stores has increased saturation in this field. Where old commerce stores have been earning well, the newbies find it difficult to free up space for them.

E-commerce marketing specialists solve their problems and get paid $100-$1495 per service. They make the strategies to increase SERP and generate leads for a store. So, digital marketing is the best career for them.

career opportunities of digital marketing

11. Digital Marketing Expert Build Public Relations: $150-$4000

Fiverr professionals make some tactics to build a relationship between the public and an organization (such as a government agency, business, or nonprofit organization). Its purpose is to determine public knowledge. Its price and scope are high. Pro freelancers start their payment from $150-$4000 for a call. It’s a good career to choose in the digital marketing niche. You have a path to fulfill your dreams by getting a lot of money.

12. Content Marketing: $5-$500

Content marketing showcases all types of content on the internet. It could be in the form of newsletters, news, blogs, podcasts, photos, and videos. If you are a new marketer, start your career in content marketing for $5. This will help you to become more skilled. Later on, you can increase your price and start from $500 as professionals. It’s the best source to earn online with a little bit of knowledge of marketing.

13. Digital Marketing Expert as a Podcast Marketer: $5-$175

Podcast marketing is a trending service on Fiverr. People, love to hear, have been earning $5-$175 on Fiverr for their hobby. Podcast marketers promote podcasts to different listening platforms and make an easy living. They consider it a good career in digital marketing.

14. Video Marketing: $5-$100

With the exclusive raise in’ youtube channels, video marketing has become a hurdle for YouTubers. They hire a video marketer to monetize their channel and pay $5-$100.

15. Influencer Marketing: $5-$750

Fiverr sellers have been providing influencer marketing services and charge $5-$750. It’s a golden chance to make money by becoming an influencer marketer.

Social networking service concept

16. Digital Marketing expert as a Local SEO: $5-$400

Businesses, with a physical location, pay attention to local SEO. So that they may rank high on search engines and generate sales in their locality. Fiverr sellers provide google-map-citations and do complete SEO for $5-$400.

I’ve completed this article after deep research on digital marketing. I’ve penned its subcategories to earn online. It’s a basic guide for freshers to choose their career. I’ve mentioned Fiverr Pro sellers’ prices to motivate my readers. However, some services aren’t pro yet. They have been started from $5. You can choose your price according to your expertise. Let me know through the comments section. How do you find this article? What do you want to read about freelancing? Waiting for your feedback.

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