Women March

by Maryam
Women are on the road fighting for their rights, making slogans

For the past several decades, a confrontation between two groups about Women’s March has become commonplace. One community has been supported it because it considers it is the right of women, while the other one has crossed all the boundaries of morality by criticizing it.

The women who blame the oppression of men in the society are ready to ruin their chastity on the streets by blindly trusting the leaders who performed the funeral of honor under the guise of “Women’s March”. They who are against, are using force to blindly criticize them in such a way that the “Women Marchers” are wreaking more havoc and their minds are not conscious at all.

If we try to understand these two groups one by one, We don’t see either of them on the right, because both factions seem ignorant of the art of communication. Women who stand up for their rights are not capable of making decisions according to the circumstances, nor do those who talk about them immorally have been trying to guide them in a proper way. As a result, problems such as day-to-day quarrels, domestic unrest, and mistrust are arising. Men consider women liberal and progressive while women see men as oppressors, tyrants, and dictators. In this war, our innocent children and teenagers have been suffering from mental confusion. Adolescent girls do not feel ashamed to be a part of this march and trample on the honor of themselves and their families. On the other hand, when boys see their elders crossing the limit of immorality, they also see themselves as heroes and impose unnecessary restrictions on the women of their house. It is disturbing the peace to such an extent that houses have become prisons. What kind of destruction are we taking ourselves ??? We are eroding the creativity of the children who need to be educated and taught social values ​​by filling their raw minds with sparks of hatred.

Instead of going into the discussion of where the “Women’s March” began and what its purpose is, I emphasize what its effects are and how to prevent it?

My question to the women who take to the streets naked in the name of March is: Whether the Qur’an allows them to roam the peas half-naked? Does the Qur’an allow them to stand up to men? Allah revealed the clear command of the veil: “O Prophet, tell the Muslim women to go out and hang the veil over their faces so that they may be recognized and not be persecuted.” The fact is! Allah hath cut off the testimony of a woman from a man, and said, “Woman is not equal to man intellectually, she forgets.” Did the Umm al- Mu’minin ever demand that they would be given equal rights to the men? Do these Women consider themselves more credible than Umm al-Mu’minin? Now tell whether they got their rights after many years of hard work under the guidance of their so-called secularism or the matter is still in limbo. ? The truth is that this move has only increased the chaos in society because when a person breaks the limits of Allah, destruction becomes his destiny and these women are only responsible for the destruction. At least I have not seen any woman who has got her rights but has been ridiculed. All of these need self-improvement to protect themselves and their offspring from this filth.

Having tea with each other, makes them happy

When l try to understand the Qur’an, I make myself comfortable in being behind a man. I see the solution to my problems in the advice of a man, I feel safe in respecting a man. As a daughter cannot walk a step without a father, always feels safe in the company of her brother, in the case of a husband woman is accompanied by a responsible person, then in the case of a son heaven lies under her feet. the point is that a woman can’t take a step without a man, so I consider it the best to accept the power of a man. If those, who make a spectacle of women in the streets, consider the men as a blessing then the chanting slogans against these men will change grateful words for them. This is a form of gratitude.

Now let’s turn to the so-called honorable men who are helping those women by their criticism to wreaked havoc with the “Women’s March”, you heard right !!! Speaking of women chanting slogans in the name of freedom, their tongues are chewing embers, not only criticizing but also crossing all the boundaries of morality to come down to the gallows to prove themselves right and They choose such indecent words that the daughters of Noble families stay miles away from them and curse them in their hearts but the same time all those women who have come out of their houses to protest they even don’t care about their words, but take advantage of their courage and bravery to cover up the immorality of men under the guise of sympathy for innocent girls with raw minds. The conversation is a weapon to achieve their goals, and these zealous men, on the one hand, fail to stop evil, and on the other hand, take the corpse of their self-esteem out of their hands and calm down to satisfy their false ego. And think that they have done their duty, The fact is, their emotions are fueling the fire and wreaking havoc. Don’t these men remember the teachings of Islam? Do they not remember the incident of Prophet Yusuf (A.S), who preferred imprisonment for his chastity but did not utter obscene words against the women of Egypt. Don’t they remember the story of Muhammad (PBUH), how he went to take care of the garbage collector when he was ill?

No such injustice was done to the caste of these men. No one called them bad names or added any story of bad character to their names. Then why do they look crazy? Is their responsibility just to satisfy their masculine ego through the use of language or to find a good solution to problems that need attention?

Influential and dignified men of the society do not come down to the gallows, nor do veiled and respectable daughters like these unrestrained women want to promote obscenity under the guise of freedom. They are well aware that society cannot function without men and development is not possible without women. Complaints are everywhere and these are the beauties of life, but where there is stubbornness in nature and scattering of thoughts, apathetic and selfish people are trying hard to destroy Muslim tendencies by turning these complaints into a mountain of rye. Alas, alas! We, like puppets, are wasting all our skills, precious time, and money to make these demons succeed in their goals and we don’t even realize it! Shouldn’t we try to improve ourselves?

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